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10 Eye Catching Signage Solutions

Business signage is as important nowadays as a business’s logo is.  A potential customer can see this signage as the first thing to do with your company.  So as first impressions count even more so in business this is an important factor to remember.  If the signage does not represent your brand it can look unfavourable on your business.

If your business needs new signage or your current signage updating, then read these 10 eye catching signage solutions to help you breathe new life into it.  

  1. 3D signage using custom shapes is very eye catching and is a very unique spin on signage for your business.  Shadows on the custom shapes make the signage very unique.
  2. Using LED bulbs which are more modern than florescent tubes which have a habit of flickering are a great idea for any business.  Choosing a lightbox for your company can ensure your business gets seen. Lightboxes have become very popular recently. The way the brand is put together means the lightbox can look modern or more traditional.
  3. Engraved or an embossed signage is a more traditional take on things.  Some businesses prefer the traditional approach. This doesn’t have to be boring or look old at all.  This type of signage can look very classic and will age well.
  4. Digital signage is the more modern approach.  You can use animated graphics to entice people passing by.This will therefore encourage them to stop and look.
  5. Mounted banner signage is really easy to update with new graphics once it has been initially installed.  Pole or wall mounted banner signage is a modern more popular for businesses across a wide variety of industries.  This can contain your brand and logo so its easy for people to spot your business.
  6. According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “Make your signage a statement piece.  People will remember your business more if you have this kind of signage.  This could be by the shape of the letters used or a play on words. Think fun and unique.”
  7. Some companies are using the minimalist approach to their signage.  This can sometimes have a bigger effect. Using clean and simple designs.
  8. You can print onto a variety of surfaces now including wood as well as other natural materials.  Working with stone and wood can look cool and contemporary.
  9. Self-adhesive vinyl is now the best that this material has ever been.  It can stay vibrant for years and can hug brickwork on buildings and can be a great way to cheer up an uninteresting building frontage of a business.
  10. Directional signage is a must for most businesses.  Visitors and customers are less likely to get lost with good directional signage.  This can be helpful to avoid a situation that could reflect badly on the business. It can also be used for bigger places such as shopping areas, hospitals.  Outdoor events can benefit from this signage to

Understanding the Essential Buying Guide Offline

Is offline marketing living its last hours with the explosion of digital? A recent survey reports that 28% of marketers claim to have reduced their offline marketing budget to fund their digital marketing in 2015. Between 2012 and 2015, newspaper ads went from 18.9% to 15.8% of the market. By 2019, Smartphone advertising campaigns and campaigns should reach 50% of companies’ marketing budgets. Should we see this as a sign of an announced end of offline marketing?

Real world VS connected world

Big data, the virtual image, social networks and the importance of SEO in brand awareness have taken precedence over offline marketing. However, to bet on this type of marketing would cut you off from the least connected population, such as children and seniors. You can find the offline marketing zone also.

Indeed, offline marketing gives the possibility of establishing a real connection, an attachment to the product on the part of the customer via a concrete presence, without the intrusive dimension of web marketing that many Internet users deplore.

Advertisements shown before the screening of a movie are often better received by the public than a banner embedded in a web page or an automatic pop-up window that prevents an article from being read to the user.

If children or seniors are less accustomed to live connected, some of your customers may also be resistant to the Internet tool, have reduced access to it or not have the necessary hardware to connect.

As a result, maintaining a portion of your budget to fund offline marketing will allow you to continue reaching these potential / existing customers / prospects.

What offline marketing actions continue in 2018?

Whatever your field of activity, offline marketing will result in a wide range of media and events that will allow you to become known, to expose yourself and to communicate about your services.

Paper media, such as the business card, may initially contain the site address (URL) of your company. It will be the same for all your official documents such as letterhead, invoices, purchase orders, brochures, flyers, or faxes. Distributing catalogs, flyers or coupons in mailboxes is another method of offline marketing.

The display marketing will materialize by stickers on the car of the company, a balloon, a poster, a postcard, a t-shirt, a cap, a USB key (non exhaustive list). All these objects facilitate your communication while promoting you. Give them to your customers and turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

Remember to become a sponsor or partner of events or personalities related to your field of activity. Footwear or sportswear brands often sponsor top athletes or the Olympics.

Companies that invest locally in a cultural festival or charity benefit from the altruistic and social image those results. In addition, your visibility will increase thanks to official products, banners, tarpaulins or advertising media put in place during the events. If the organizing association has a website, you can also be featured on this portal and complete your marketing strategy with a double online display.

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